HP Pavilion DV6700 / 15.4-inch Laptops Specs

HP Pavilion DV6700 / 15.4-inch Laptops Specs
In case you are wondering about HP Pavilion DV6700 specs because you are going to buy one, be sure to check this one out. Don’t choose the wrong laptop or you will regret that you haven’t read the specs before you purchase one.

HP Pavilion DV6700 comes with 15.4-inch transflective widescreen LCD display with NVIDIA GeForce Go 8500M GS 256MB, more than enough to play games and watching HD movies (via HDMI), but since this laptop comes with Windows Vista Home Premium, you might want to downgrade to XP or upgrade to Windows 7 to get the most out of current games because of many incompatibility in Vista.

The DV6700 processor is Core 2 Duo T8300 with 2.4GHz clock speed with Intel 965PM motherboard chipset. This laptop comes with decent 250GB HDD storage and Blu-ray ROM drive for watching HD movies. For extra storage you can use multimedia card reader, FireWire and 3xUSB 2.0 ports. It also comes with Bluetooth but no infrared.

Networking is covered by equipping this notebook with an ethernet card 10/100, 56kbps modem and WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n to use the hotspot in public places.

Other features worth to notice is the ability to capture photos and videos via a webcam, 6-cell lithium ion battery and a year warranty which comes with every purchase. Pavilion DV6700 weighs 2.78kg and have dimension of 357x254x43mm.
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