Rockchip RK2918 Powered Netbook Review

Rockchip RK2918 Powered Netbook Review
The news of the Android operating system attractive the world by snowstorm is without doubt encouraging to campaigner of the operating system and you should to identify by at the moment that Portable device Android is not presently on smart phones and tablets and it is also part of the netbook DNA.

Someone according to the grapevine spotted a rockchip rk2918-powered netbook that which scampers off the Android OS, so that’s incredible poles apart from the rest of the multitude. Portable device netbook is powered by a 1.2ghz arm cortex-a8 processor that is plays nice with adobe flash as outstanding performance, where it bear a resemblance to a not expensive genetic duplicate of Nokia device visually, but Rockchip powered netbooks is not what we are wrapper today.

It is not seems to as polished as like that and that virtual keyboard when you want to any type words just pointless. Thus there is touch screen mobile device on this 10.1″ netbook. This is very soon an experimentation that has gone wide of the mark but we do look forward to to see prospect more versions of this rockchip rk2918-powered netbooks be a whole lot more advanced.

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