Axioo Pico DJV 712 Netbook Review

Axioo Pico DJV 712 Netbook Review
Axioo Pico DJV 712 are brand-new product brand, which is a product of refinement of the Axioo Pico DJJ 715. Intense competition in the netbook market makes Axioo constantly refine and flushing the market with new products that better than the previous product.

Compared to DJJ 715, Axioo Pico DJV 712 experienced some improvement on several sides. The first, on the hard drive capacity. If DJJ 715 is equipped with hard drives of 250 GB, so if you buy a Toshiba DJV 712, you'll get more storage space relief, amounting to 320 GB. Currently netbooks generally include only the 160 GB hard disk only. Completion of both is on the side of the Operating System. This seems the middle class first netbook directly membundling Windows 7 in the sales package. This is an added value. Windows Vista seems increasingly shunned by producers and users because keribetan and demand for use within the system specification is used.

Axioo Pico DJV 712 specs :

*Display : TFT 10.1 inch with 1024 × 600 (WSVGA)

*Platform : Intel Atom Processor N280 (1.66 GHz, 667MHz FSB, 512 kB L2 cache)
Intel Chipset + ICH7-M 945GSE
1GB DDR2 Memory
VGA onboard Intel GMA950

*Features : Card Reader, Lan, WLAN / WiFi, Webcam

*Battery : Incidentally who came to the Lab is a model Tuxlin 6cell Li-ion Battery 4400 mAh

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