HP Mini 110 -3610TU, 110 -3611TU and 110 -3612TU Laptop High Speed Processors and Beautiful Look

Hp Mini  110 -3610TU / 110-3611TU / 110-3612TU
HP one of the well-known laptops maker has announced the launch of its new entertaiment laptops. HP Mini laptops are famous for its quality and high speed processors and beautiful look. Hp laptop comes in different and attractive beautiful colors. The HP Mini 110-3610TU comes in beautiful Sonomared color, The HP Mini 110-3611TU comes in pacific blue color and the HP Mini 110-3612TU comes in glossy black color.

Hp Mini 110 -3610TU / 110-3611TU / 110-3612TU are all have great features that provide comfort in using this laptop with simple installations. This is the light weighted laptop specially designed for the people and for their comfort. It is having a great performance because of which it is popular in market.

It is having a RAM of 2 GB which is enough and people can easily work.Batteryback up provided by such a laptop is good that is it is having a 6 cell standard battery available. It is having a hard disk capacity of 320 GB and it is integrated with webcam, has microphone and Bluetooth. The details related to the specs of the device are discussed below.latest hp mini 110 laptops reviewHp Mini 110 -3610TU / 110-3611TU / 110-3612TU Laptops Specification
  • Has Intel Atom Dual core N570 processor.
  • Has windows starter memory operating system.
  • Has RAM of 2 GB.
  • Has display screen of 10.1 inch.
  • Has dimension of 19.1 * 26.8 * 2.28 Cm.
  • Has weight of 1.4 kg.
  • Have 6 cell standard batteries available.
  • Has hard disk capacity of 320 GB.
  • Has integrated webcam, microphone, and Bluetooth.

Because of all this technical specification and features the HP Mini 110-3610TU / 110-3611TU / 110-3612TU has great value in market and quite running.

Price about : Rs 17550 (on india)

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  2. Perfect configuration and what a systematic way of explaining the blog. No doubt, Hp is well known for its name and products.Hp Mini Processor