Samsung RV510 / 15.6-inch Laptop review

Samsung RV510 / 15.6-inch Laptop review
Samsung has launched the 15.6-inch Rv510 easy access and efficient laptop. Priced at around $ 480, it is certainly possible, but because it uses the Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4500 chip modes could in fact be so strong? Samsung had the ability, good looks and computer design Rv510 tradition. The elegant black cover and silver and black with a keyboard and palm rest, give it looks more premium than expected probably price.Samsung RV 510 is a powerful notebook with a 15.6-inch Rv510 all attractive prices. Dell vostro 1000 battery comes with a premium dual-core Intel Core processor T4500. Graphics Card Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA 4500M. Glossy screen is 15.6 inches and 16.9 inches with 1366 x 768 pixels.

As business and Samsung P530 Rev 510 uses a hybrid keyboard and isolated in a traditional style. He isolated a wide, flat keys, but they are stronger on a traditional keyboard groups. The results are excellent. The keyboard is almost in the middle of a lot of flexibility and the travel and subsistence expenses in the form of species TotalMix look good. Almost all buttons are displayed in full size Samsung also has to fit in the room was on the arrow keys and a full numeric keypad. Here is small compared with some other 15-inch laptop with Dell vostro 1310 battery , but the matte finish to keep your fingers glide easily on the surface, and two chrome buttons were prepared very accommodating.
Samsung RV510 / 15.6-inch Laptop review
Samsung is the screen, matte or glossy finish is gone, but it’s not a bad thing, because it reduces glare matte surface itself, which is more convenient to use for a long time. LED backlighting is very strong, which in turn color differences. Viewing angles are also a good standard of budget laptops of Dell vostro 1510 battery . Resolution 1366 x768 pixels is not so great, although the text, images and video can still be reasonably sharp.Samsung not too generous selection of ports. For example, should be satisfied with only a VGA port, the cover with the HDMI connection. You can also just three USB ports, and RV 510 no eSATA port or the ExpressCard slot. No Bluetooth, but 802.11n Wi-Fi enabled.

Shop front Rv510 is impressive. This is a huge 640 GB hard drive, which offers enough space to store multimedia files such as movies and photos. It is also an SD card slot and front spoiler and side.To DVD recorder hidden right keep the price low for a laptop, Samsung is using the Intel Pentium dual-core T4500 processor with 2.3 GHz clock frequency and high-spec, Intel Core chips i3 . The processor supports a healthy 4GB of RAM, and thanks to the fact that Samsung has gone for 64-bit Windows 7 Home Basic, this laptop is using Dell latitude d820 battery .Unfortunately close PCMark05 benchmark text shown denied. If it is clear that the machine lacked pizzazz into contact with more demanding applications, even if it’s a great day tasks such as e-mail, word processing, internet surfing or watching the BBC iPlayer.

Instead, opt for a separate graphics card, but Samsung does not put a plain old Intel GMA integrated graphics processor. Integrated graphics has never been the result of a very important test of 3DMark06. Rv510 gently in only 904 points, worse than some netbooks.That mean that you throw all the ideas you can play newer games out the window, but the chance to play many older 3D titles is given. GPU works perfectly, but when it comes to more mundane tasks, such as high-definition video decoding. We have had problems playing HD streams on the BBC iPlayer, for example, or high-definition movies in MKV format of Asus Eee PC 904 battery .

Less powerful processor and graphics card also seems to assume that a decent performance, when it comes to battery life. The most intensive battery test eating, it’s been chugging away for 1 hour and 26 minutes, which is not bad 15.6-inch device. Battery Battery Eater test simulates the worst case scenario, so that a real bear will be a lot more than mains.The Samsung Rev 510 is a beautiful machine with an impressive display and keyboard. Its processor grunt, however, and 3D performance is very bad. His initial bid was originally booked and inspiron 710m battery pretty good, but it’s starting to look less attractive as cheaper and faster than the Acer Aspire 5741st.[]

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