Review Sony VAIO SB Ultraportable

Review Sony VAIO SB Ultraportable
The new ultra-compact notebook Sony VAIO SB are already arriving in the shop. Prototypes performed in Las Vegas remains unchanged sophisticated design, compact and lightweight, called “Full Flat”. The chassis is fine with simple lines and square, made of magnesium alloy with a large wrist rest coated aluminum and a new hinge system for opening the display lid.

The result is a robust and lightweight at the top of its class, with a touch of elegance that never hurts. Sony VAIO SB weighs only 1.75 kg with standard battery and has a uniform thickness of 24mm, serving as a perfect companion for work and travel. The portability of laptops VAIO SB series is enhanced by the new system for attaching external auxiliary battery, which attaches to the bottom of the notebook, following the profile, without having to remove the internal battery or optical drive without having to power down the computer. The combination of the two batteries can reach an impressive range of 22 hours of uninterrupted use Stamina mode (dedicated graphics card disabled).

Even the VAIO SB have in fact hybrid graphics, distinctive of the S series of laptops each generation. Dynamic Hybrid Graphic technology which allows you to switch the accelerator is equipped with Intel GMA integrated graphics to discrete graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6000 series high performance (with VRAM of 512 MB or 1 GB), without having to restart the PC. This is a solution that improves energy efficiency without sacrificing the optimal balance between performance and battery life.

VAIO Plus screen display has a diagonal of 13.3-inch “(33.7 cm), which represents a good compromise between compactness and portability and convenience. Brightness, contrast, clarity, and not betray the expectations of customers VAIO. Also appreciate the choice to give the panel an anti-reflection coating, the more effective under conditions of high ambient light that eliminates glare without sacrificing image clarity. A light sensor is responsible to dampen the brilliance of the VAIO display to conserve battery life when working in dim light.

The keyboard is backlit to allow an island to write in the dark without uncertainties. Sony has equipped the VAIO SB Fast Boot is a new function that increases by 50% faster boot and load the operating system Windows 7 compared to conventional notebooks, allowing instant restart the PC. If this were not enough, you can access the Internet in seconds, or access your mail or instant messaging without opening the main operating system, simply by pressing the “Web”.

The 3G HSDPA network is optional. Module is based on Qualcomm (VAIO Everywair) WWAN 3G/HSDPA, to quickly connect to a broadband network via a mobile operator, reaching up to 7.2 Mbps. The new VAIO SB series is available in black, white, silver, pink or blue.[]Review Sony VAIO SB Ultraportable Similar post :


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