Review Dell D810 Laptop Battery

Review Dell D810 Laptop Battery
Dell d810 laptop is known for various good features it has, but also for its excellent battery life. But in time it is normal that a laptops’ battery to wear off, especially if you keep your laptop plugged in while you work on it, it depends also on the type of applications you run and so on. It would be ideal to adjust the brightness of your display to improve the battery life, to unplug any external devices you have, perhaps even change the resolution of the screen and most importantly keep the laptop running by it and only when the battery has drained out completely recharge it.

But if you are in need of a Dell d810 laptop battery, then you can find a replacement for it, even if you look in stores, online or at their official store. You just have to make sure that no matter from where you buy the battery; it is original and compatible with your laptop model and number. Such a battery costs around $38, but again it depends where you shop.

Now that we have settled with the Dell’s d810 laptop battery, let’s see the other specifications this system is known for. To start with, we can mention its sturdy design, full range of business ports and connectivity options and the three-year warranty. If you are looking for a desktop replacement and with a fairly good list of specifications, then you can rely on it. The laptop is not as light as you would expect, so try to find a sturdy laptop bag or case for it, because if you decide to carry it just like that, you will surely feel the pressure. What is more, the keyboard lid has been improved and the internal frame is harder and less likely to break. The keyboard is big enough to be comfortable and the layout is intuitive. Because the touch pad has a reasonable distance away from the keyboard, there are few chances you will accidentally hit some arrows when typing. The LEDs you see are for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and whenever you activate them, the lights will go on. There are also some external keys, for adjusting the volume and the mute button, but other than these, the system is not designed to meet intense multimedia use.Review Dell D810 Laptop BatteryYou can configure the laptop depending on your needs and on your budget. You can choose from the processor you want, to the memory on-board. But the configuration options are available on the website only. If you buy the laptop from the store, you can’t change anything it has inside, rather than upgrade the system yourself after the purchase. An example of configuration includes a Pentium M Sonoma processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM, the 15.4-inch” display with a native resolution of 1680x1050, 80GB hard drive and ATI Mobility Radeon X600 graphics card. You can also choose among optical drives, if you need a DVD-RW or a simple DVD-ROM.Review Dell D810 Laptop BatteryAmong the features missing, this Dell laptop lacks the FireWire and parallel port. But besides these two, it comes packed with the other essential connections you need for business. There are four USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet, S-Video out, smart-card slot and the Type II PC Card slot. For protection, there is a password-protected chip for your personal information

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