Dell XPS M1330 / 13.3-inch Notebook Review

Dell XPS M1330 / 13.3-inch Notebook Review
I bet I know the big question you're asking - was the Dell XPS M1330 worth the wait? I'd like to answer that with a resounding YES. While it's unacceptable that there has been a relatively high proportion of build faults with the laptop, Dell is dedicated to correcting these issues. It's far from an ideal situation, but I get to use this system while a new one is built and shipped to me.

Everything else just screams quality. The design is absolutely fantastic and rivals the most aesthetically pleasing designs out there. The materials used are premium and the price is lower than a comparable system. And despite all the things that have been said about Dell customer service, I truly believe that most of the employees are dedicated to making the customer happy, within reason. I know my experience has not given me any reason to doubt that.

Before purchasing this laptop, I was looking for something that was small, light and well built so I wouldn't cringe at the thought of bringing it to classes and business meetings daily. The Dell XPS M1330 serves that purpose admirably. If you're looking for a dedicated gaming machine or a budget laptop, look elsewhere, but if you're like me and want something portable for a fair price, the M1330 should be on your short list.

With a design that is second to none in its price range and excellent performance the Dell XPS M1330 is sure to be one of the most popular notebooks of 2007. As of this writing the M1330 First Look Review is already the most popular article in our forums based on views and replies.

While issues like warm palm rests, awkward media buttons, a noisy slot-loading drive, and somewhat heavy weight with the 9-cell battery will make some demanding buyers look elsewhere, most consumers looking for a 13.3-inch notebook will be hard pressed to find a better notebook in the same price range.

Pros :
Fantastic design
Premium materials
Great battery life
Gorgeous display (brightness, viewing angles)
Extras included (sleeve, earbuds, remote)
Price is lower than comparable models

Cons :
Fit and finish issues
Only two USB ports
A bit deeper in dimension than similar 13.3" laptops
Very loud insert and eject mechanism for the disc drive
The wait

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