Dell Latitude D420 Laptop Reivew

Dell Latitude D420 Laptop Reivew
Dell D420 belongs to Latitude series of notebooks and these systems have always emphasized more on function than the form. But with the D420, the company has put in some decent specs and has made it look attractive as well. This ultraportable notebook is the smallest from this manufacturer to date. The battery will live up to one working day and the Latitude D420 is a good competitior to other systems in this price range like Lenovo 3000 V100. The system weighs 1.36 kgs and is has upgraded Intel Core Dup chip and costs about $2300. I would recommend this for business users and consumers who need portability and power at the same time.

The silver and charcoal case of the Dell Latitude D420 looks really attractive. The dimensions are 295mm, 25mm high and 209.8mm deep. The latter will rise to 241.3mm if you opt for a nine cell battery. Fitting the laptop in laptop cases and shoulder bags is really easy. The chassis is almost all metal and this makes the system look sturdy; it will easily handle rigorous traveling. Dell says that the notebook is RoadReady; which is the proprietary design from the company and it means that the product can handle extremes of temperature and humidity and mild falls and shocks.

Dell D420 has a 12.1 inch WXGA screen with resolution of 1,280×800 pixels. I found it hard to read the text on the small screen with small resolution but Word processing or Web surfing was just fine. The display is really crisp and this makes up to some extent for the loss of impact that you get with a smaller screen. This is certainly not the brightest of notebooks that I have seen to date but still you won’t have any problems reading from it in a office that is well lit.

Dell Latitude D420 is compact and yet manages to put in a full sized keyboard in to its case and there are not hard to hit or oddly placed chiclet buttons. For the touch pad, there are two sets of right and left mouse buttons, above and below the touch pad. This touch pad can be set up for vertical or horizontal scrolling which is great for navigating through documents or Web pages.

The Dell D420 has a basic collection of ports that you’d need in a business machine. This includes mini FireWire port, two USB 2.0 ports on the back, SD card reader, PC Card slot, headphone and mic jacks on the left. For the video, there is just a VGA port. Networking options include modem, Ethernet, 802.11a/g wireless and there is Bluetooth too.

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