AXIOO Laptop series Neon his 7074 HNM Review

AXIOO Laptop series Neon his 7074 HNM Review
AXIOO really shows the sophistication of its technology via laptop series Neon his 7074 HNM. The performance of this notebook is very adequate for anything. Office work processing, graphics and game play are all Able to be done. Using Intel's Core i7-2630QM 2.00GHz CPU, RAM 4 GB DDR 3 and to a capacity of 750 GB hard drive, laptop AXIOO is arguably is at the top level in terms of technology. Not only that, Also this laptop is powered by the Intel Turbo Boost Technology cans That increase is the speed. Graphics problems There Will Be No obstacles Because notebokk has Had VGA graphics graphics card from Intel HD Graphics Family with memory of 1.5 GB.

Physically, the same as the specifications, very reliable. The composition of the keyboard to make comfortable with the height of EACH button is too loose and high o. Moreover Neon is equipped with a touchpad plus HNM7047 HexaPad with multi-gesture features allowing users to relax ria Freely explore the application without having bothered to type in cans tuts.Berbagai needs be done with this laptop. Especially During the exhibition Lasts NIX, incredible speed product is only valued USD 7.1 million only. Usual price for the notebook's incredible. "Authorized repairs there. We Also very much a bonus. There are thirteen Kinds of bonus for every purchase," Rini Avenia appointments, sales marketing at Toshiba's booth. Prizes in the form of a mouse, mouse pad, keyboard protector, cooling pad, LCD cleaner, buletooth, card reader, vacuum cleaner, headset, bag. Special HNM have additional benefits Such as t-shirts, flash 4 GB, shopping vouchers at Hypermart, and the Canon Pixma printers.

PROCESSOR Intel Core second generation was the hottest topic this year Among users of technology. Performance is far above its predecessors is the reason. For the Used the laptop with a processor like this Quite expensive. But Acer, the world's top vendors to make the Assumption That change through the Aspire 4750 notebook-2312G50Mn.

Aspire 4750 uses an Intel Core I3-2310M in the which there are two core processor features Hyper-threading (HT). In Addition, the most Important is the availability of a new VGA in this processor: Intel HD Graphics 3000.

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