New Dell Studio XPS 16 Laptops

New Dell Studio XPS 16 Laptops

The Dell Studio XPS 16 isn’t as specifically geared towards gaming as other gaming laptops featured on this site. Nevertheless, it offers enough high-end computing features that all but the most extreme gamers will find it to be a good choice. As with other computers, comparing one to another can be a challenge because of the vast number of options that are available from most manufacturers. We found that this unit offers a terrific selection of options at a reasonable cost, making it a good choice for many users.

Though the Studio XPS 16 isn’t specifically dubbed a gaming laptop, it possess just about all of the features that mobile gamers require: most notably speed and power. A feature that it doesn’t have in common with lots of other gaming laptops is weight. Depending on configuration, this unit weighs in at just about six-and-a-half pounds which isn’t much more than half of some of our other top rated gamers. That itself can be a pretty powerful selling point when it comes to selecting a computer that’s going to be lugged around in a backpack.

As with any gaming laptop, the processor is the heart of the XPS 16. It comes equipped with one of Intel’s leading-edge chips: the Intel Core i5 540M Quad Core processor. Each core runs at 2.53GHz with a 3MB Cache. The video processor is integrated into the motherboard which is likely the single feature that limits this machine in terms of extreme gaming.

The speed of this gaming laptop is enhanced by the 4GB of dual channel DDR3 RAM. That is currently billed as a limited time feature and it could be upgraded to 6GB. For even more power, the unit can be equipped with 8GB of RAM which shares the same specifications.

The standard storage device for this computer is a 500GB, 7,200RPM hard drive. For the fastest data access speeds, solid state drives can be substituted. They’re available in 128GB and 256GB sizes. Though smaller, data access time approaches zero for all practical purposes.

The gaming laptop comes standard with an 8x CD/DVD burner can handle dual layer recording and supports all DVD+/-R formats. A similar burner which also has the ability to play Blu-ray discs is also available as an option. Wi-Fi connectivity is built-in as is Bluetooth capability. Not surprisingly, Bluetooth accessories are optional. The included operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium though it can be upgrade to Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate.

The XPS 16 gaming laptop comes with Dell’s basic two year service plan. It can be upgraded to three years. There’s also an available Advanced In-Home service plan. It requires remote diagnosis by Dell technicians before a technician is dispatched for service.

New Dell Studio XPS 16 Laptops


To be an effective gaming laptop, there has to be a lot of computing power from the CPU and RAM. Though not specifically designated a gaming computer by the manufacturer, the Dell Studio XPS 16 has enough to get you by. It’s also a lot lighter than most laptops that earn the gaming moniker. It offers this most attractive package at a price that’s very reasonable compared to most of its competition.

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