HP Mini 2102 / 10-inch Netbook Review

HP Mini 2102 / 10-inch Netbook Review
HP Mini 2102 Very rarely is a netbook officially announced any more, as it is more often revealed by another means.

The upcoming HP Mini 2102 netbook has been reveled by two sources, an Internet retailer which lists it as just $279, and HP’s very own support pages for the product.
Sitting halfway between the consumer Mini 2102 and the business Mini 5102 is the HP Mini 2102. Technically part of HP's business line, it still shares more of its DNA with the company's consumer Netbooks than with the high-end metal-clad Mini 5102 model.

HP calls it an "economical choice for mobile professionals who need a companion PC for on-the-go computing." The Mini 2102 is available in only basic black, instead of the colorful palette of hues found in HP's other Netbooks.

While the rounded edges remind us more of the HP Mini 110 and Mini 210, you still get your choice of Intel Atom N450 and N4470 processors (the latter will not be available until March), and 160, 250, or 320GB 7,200rpm hard drives.

The 10-inch display is stuck at 1,024x600-pixel resolution, unlike the Mini 5102, which can be upgraded to 1,366x768 pixels--once you've tried an HD Netbook screen, either of the 10.1- or 11.6-inch variety, it's hard to go back.

Starting at $329, the HP Mini 2102 will be available from January 7, and makes a decent entry-level business Netbook, or a more buttoned-down low-cost consumer companion PC.

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