Dell Precision M4600 / 15.6 inch Mobile Workstations

Dell Precision M4600 / 15.6 inch Mobile Workstations
Dell has just announced an update to the Dell Precision M4600 notebook, a 15.6 inch″ mobile workstation designed to deliver a desktop replacement experience that travels wherever you need to go.The Precision M4600 is the entry level Dell mobile workstation, but there’s nothing entry level about the specs and features. The bigger version, with more advanced graphics options is the Dell Precision M6600.

The M4600 makes use of the new Sandy Bridge, 2nd Generation Intel Core i Family of processors. The processor options include Core i5 and Core i7 options, including up to a Quad-Core i7 Extreme processor option. There are also options vPro options to assist with IT management.The Precision mobile workstations can handle up to 32GB of 1333MHz RAM and 16GB 1600MHz RAM. The systems will support 32GB 1600MHz RAM when the larger DIM sizes are available. The 1600MHz memory is something Dell calls out as unique to the Dell Mobile workstations and is available on all Quad-Core processor options.

The new Precision M4600 mobile workstations include NVIDIA QUADRO and AMD FirePro graphics options. The AMD FirePro M5950 has 1GB DDR5 and supports 3 displays with the included ports and can be extended further with a dock. There are also two NVIDIA QUADRO processors, the 1000M and 2000M which have 2GB DDR3 dedicated memory. The NVIDIA options include NVIDIA Optimus to intelligently switch to the integrated Intel 3000 HD graphics.The M4600 has a collection of 15.6″ displays which fit various use cases and needs. Included in the options is a Premier Color IPS RGB panel with support of over a billion colors. There is also a multitouch option with four finger touch support and a stylus. The base resolution is 1366 x 768, but you can also get a 15.6″ display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.The RGB screen option includes the ability to customize color settings for different applications.

The M4600 has a collection of storage options including up to 750GB 7200RPM hard drive and an increase in the size of the mini SSD department from 64GB to 128GB. The Mini SSD can be combined with the traditional hard drive or with a second SSD. If you have the same capacity SSD the Precision M4600 will support RAID setups.

If you need to use different hard drives for different clients or projects, the primary hard drive can be removed with a level action. If you keep your OS on the mini SSD, you can leave sensitive data at a client site or secured in a hard drive easily, without losing the ability to use your notebook.The new M4600 has a new unique to the Precision line chassis which Mano Gialusis, Senior Product Manager of Dell Precision Mobile Workstations tells us is “unique from the ground up,” allowing for no compromises on the chassis in regards to thermals, CPUs and expandability that isn’t possible when you need to accommodate other notebook lines.On the outside, the Precision M4600 has an anodized aluminum case and allows users easy access to the internals with a two screw base plate.

The Precision line is designed to deliver a mobile notebook that doesn’t mean users need to give up any performance or rely on uploading data to a remote system. With the system options available Dell is aiming to deliver notebooks that can be used to work in Media or CAD and with Seismic Data to name a few.For users that need to ensure that applications work with the Precision notebooks, the M4600 is ISV certified to work with numerous third-party apps.The Precision mobile workstations are also compatible with the Dell Latitude E Family of docks.On the security side there is a fingerprint reader, TPM, Control Vault and there is the ability for a FIPS certified encrypted hard drive.The Precision M4600 is durable as well as secure. The M4600 isn’t to the Dell XFR level, but it is MILSPEC 810G level.The Dell Precision M4600 will start at $1,678 and will be available on May 10th.

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